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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

Ck2 Empire Of Outremer

look for any barony or temple tittle held by Muslims sultanates in your land, they tend to mix their tittle between each-others (though succession), making it a nightmare to own 100% of the needed lands to form the empire .

Ck2 Empire Of Outremer

Cultural unions will automatically accept all sub-cultures within their respective culture group. Any nation can become a Cultural Union (CU) of its culture group upon reaching the Empire government rank, or 1000 development if the player does not have the Common Sense DLC. As part of this change, it is possible for several nations to be a CU for the same culture group. A nation can become an empire as part of a mission, decision, event, reaching a certain development level or by upgrading the government rank; Cultural Unions make it so that sister cultures don't have to be promoted to be accepted by the country.

Crusader Kings II has (as of the latest patch) twelve de jure empires. Being a de jure Emperor/Empress gives a claim (as well as a casus belli) on any lord with territory in your de jure empire, similar to ducal and kingdom claims on land.

Started as the king of France in 1066 and attempted to consolidate power before the crusade. Almost made this awesome custom empire with Francia + England but messed up and had to form Francia since the war had already started.


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