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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

Create Stunning 3D Packaging Mock-ups with Esko Studio Illustrator Plugins

There are two kinds of 3D mockups - those that are rendered through Vector graphics, and those that are rendered through 3D raster graphics (which are twice as large as vector images). For example, an image showing the contours of an exterior of an airplane can be imported as a file that can be viewed in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and provide a fully functional 3D viewer through vector rendering.

Esko Studio Illustrator Plugins

Download File:

The team at AstraZeneca has come up with a system that enables designers to use Adobe Illustrator to seamlessly generate high-resolution 3D PDF files. The package can then be exported as a print-ready version with all the proper text labels, only to be sent on to a print shop.

Whether it is a pretty printed letter, a dimensional art board, or a boxed product, AstraZeneca's designers can use the same software to create rich visual images. Once they are created in Adobe Illustrator, they are exported into Adobe InDesign or CorelDRAW, or even Excel. From there, they can be exported as a print-ready package (to be sent to a print shop) or a PDF file. As with other recent Adobe technology updates, InDesign CC is able to read the same files. Additionally, CorelDRAW can open Adobe Illustrator files, and if you have the appropriate version installed, you can use Illustrator to create the files.

This release is a stark departure from the run-of-the-mill plugin pack. The suite from Esko includes an assortment of enhancements to the Illustrator plugin that enables users to create custom documents within Adobe Illustrator. The most noteworthy of these is the new Zebra Studio Grid feature. There are three customizable grids in the plugin, but it is the Zebra Studio Grid that enables designers to create and enhance the look of a project by applying a graduated, tricolor fill and stroke to the boxes and boxes only. This kind of customization is ideal for inset boxes in which a letterhead is to be printed.


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