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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

She Males Fuckin Girls PATCHED

All things considered, I know Harry Potter-centric catcalls are pretty tame, compared to the sorts of things jerks normally say when they yell at girls. It was aggressive, yet vaguely nerdy. A fine line. But it really freaked my daughter out.

she males fuckin girls

I love the name drops of the male prototyipical males in fiction yearning for their counterparts . I had never even considered Tyler Durden as a serial killer, for some reason. Pat Bateman for the win!

last but not by any fuckin means least, is toni brown's new one for M.C.A. Good-For You, Too! this record is just a solid fuckin blast frm one end to th other. toni is a woman who is a person first. theres nothing traditional or feministicaly stereotypical on this record or in any of th songs contained thereupon. there is a strength without being boastfull, a gentleness without degenerating into lil girlishness, pain without recrimination or accusation, all th qualities that i consider highest in either men or women. 041b061a72


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