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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

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The 2007 Australian election saw the centre-left Labor Party led by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd defeat the conservative coalition of the Liberal Party and National Party. Labor won 35 percent of the national vote, compared to the Liberal Party's 34 percent, with the National Party winning 26 percent. But Rudd was not a popular choice, having served as prime minister for just 3 1/2 years.

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The coalition was ultimately headed by Tony Abbott, a former schoolteacher and federal director of the Country Liberal Party, a party that had only recently shed its conservative association. In September 2007, The Australian election will be held. The Liberal Party is struggling in the polls to keep its partnership with the National Party. But some of its members are breaking with the Liberal Party by supporting Abbott, who has now taken the Liberal leadership. In March 2007, Treasurer Peter Costello, who is seen by many as the Liberal Party's future leader, stepped down from the coalition. Rudd is now the face of Labor. Rudd is seen as the best person to deliver a fresh start after the party's poor performance in the 2004 election. In May 2007, a royal commission into the state's banks will begin hearing evidence.

Dubbed the Red Wedge, Labor's Cronulla riot' posters are seen around the country. Labor's campaign includes the use of photo ads of Abbott, hanging from the Olympic playing fields in Sydney, his back to the camera, with the words He hangs 'em high, Labor's Tony strong. His aim - shoot them down! But before that can happen Tony needs you to vote Tony Abbott for Prime Minister and give your Labor vote to whoever your voter will be! So get out and vote!


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