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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

Triple Frontier [UPD]

A "frontier" is the outer reaches of a territory or dividing line or border between two locales. The name Triple Frontier on its face likely refers to the multi-border zone of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, but also could reflect the situation they find themselves in, having to make tough calls to cross a new line or fold. In fact, in the course of their escape, they have three chances to cut leave the money and run or hang on to as much as possible.

Triple Frontier


Marco das Três Fronteras makes up the exact spot the Iguazú and Paraná rivers meet, as well as the triple border itself: Able to be accessed from either country, at the monument you can view Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina simultaneously. The frames are three obelisks in each country's colors, marking the piers looking out into the border. 041b061a72


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