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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

Oziexplorer Android Serial

Important - Before purchasing OziExplorer MUST be installed on your android device. The Trial version will display the Device ID during program startup and on the "About" dialog. This "Device ID" is required to purchase OziExplorer for Android.

Oziexplorer Android Serial

Download Zip:

contact Des through the Ozi web site at www.oziexplorer.comI bought a very early version of Ozi and have been a big fan ever since. Ihave had an occasional problem with major upgrades where my secret code seemto get lost. An e-mail to Des at Ozi always solves the problem."jack" wrote in

This is from the earlier message in this group. This "hack" fullyenables Ozi Explorer 3.95.2. Enjoy!==============================================Some ppl look for the crack, serial number, registration key or keygen(keygenerator), but this is how to fully enable the shareware demo versionof OziExplorer. (Download it from ) Makesure you download the Shareware version (Option 1).Open OziExp.exe with any hex editor and modify the following bytes.The format is:address: old-val new-valEnjoy!OZIEXP.EXE, version 3.95.2000C08F5: 55 59"Your Name" instead of "UNREGISTERED"000C08F6: 4E 6F000C08F7: 52 75000C08F8: 45 72000C08F9: 47 20000C08FA: 49 4E000C08FB: 53 61000C08FC: 54 6D000C08FD: 45 65000C08FE: 52 00000C08FF: 45 00000C0900: 44 00003046FF: 85 84cracking code itself00304719: 84 85==============================================


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