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Sai Baba Vrat Katha In Hindi Bookl

for 9 thursday vrat, should I have to study the vrat stories daily or it has to be done only on thursdays? daily pooja for saibaba foto to be done or it has to be done on thursdays only? and how the fasting has to be done on thursday?can u pls tell me

Sai Baba Vrat Katha In Hindi Bookl

Hi, At the end of the vrath we will distribute vrath katha books to friends and relatives. My doubt is that mandatory that who ever get the vrath katha book should do this vrath or not? Please let me know

Hi everyone. I have kept the nine thursday fast. I read the katha from a pdf. I will complete my nine fasts tommorow. I need to distribute the sai vrat katha to 5 people. Can five of the sai devotees please leave their mail id, so that i can send you the vrat katha by mail. Thank you for your support. Om sai ram.

Srilatha sairam,Do not worry about anything as Sai baba never got upset or angry with all these things that happens in our day to day life accidently while carrying on the vrat .All he wants is sincere namaskar or chanting of his name.Hence do not worry and carry on with your vrat with full devotion (faith) and love in Baba.Jai Sai Ram

I am not an adrent sai devotee but I belive when I heared about Sai Baba's vrat's Mahanta from my mom (She in India) So I started Sai baba's Vrat 3 months ago. My question is can my mom or sister do "Udaypan" in India on my behalf because I work on Weekday so I'm not able to do "Udaypan" over here (distributes the books & feed to poor people & birds).

In the example above which you have referred, you can do vrat on next Thursday, since Thursday happens to be fifth day. I hope i have made myself clear. For any further query you can mail me on admin(at)shirdisaibabastories(dot).org

sai ram ji hetal ji,thanx for ur help.can u pls send me the procedures n vrat katha in english den i wil giv the print outs to my friends on my nxt thursday.n hetal di if u cen send dat den pls reply me wil giv u my email id.bye dee

Download link of Vrat katha in four different languages is provided in the beginning of the post. If there are any problems in downloading it, then please mail me your mail id on admin(at)shirdisaibabastories(dot)org.

thank you for doing this for all of us and wrijtg this informative blog!I am thinking to do the vrats and iam planning to visit Shirdi Sai baba on June 5th, I live in US and was thinking to start the vrats this thursday.My question is it necessery to visit sai baba temple on 9th Iam not very sure if I will be able to go.thanks

I wanted to start this Sai vrat as soon as possible.My mother tounge is Telugu.When i am clicking the link "Sai Vrat Katha in" as specified in this webpage ,the katha is in tamil script.

Hello Hetaljii have completed my 9 vrats of saibaba and as i live abroad my mother has done udhyapan on behalof of me .but saibaba has not fulfilled my wish.i hv faith on him bt jst want to know ki aisi kya mistake ho gayi mujhse y he is not fulfilling my wish and it was not uneccessary wish jst i want a job over here

It was 3rd vrat. I take milk/fruits during the day and take one time meal in the evening. Today, I had done pooja in the morning and took milk/banana. But, on my way, I went to sai mandir. After my prayer, when I was coming out of mandir and outside the mandir, a lady was distributing prasad and she gave me prasad. It was of yellow colour, I dont know whether it was of suji or something else. I ate it by mistake. My question is whether I have to count this prasad as a one time meal or I have to count in allowable things that can be taken during the day. I have read your answers on this blog also. For such like situation, you have answered that your bhakti (shardha) matters and if anything has been eaten by mistake, pray to sai baba for forgiveness.I am little bit confused. Kindly help me and reply whether I should take meal in the evening as a one time meal or only take fruits/milk so that my vrat is not wasted.

2) After reading vrat katha, i read out Sai Chalisa and Sai Leelamrut which was given in that book; I DIDN'T READ THE OTHER SHLOKAS WHICH WAS GIVEN IN THAT BOOK(SAI BHAVANI, DATT BHAVANI AND SAI ASTOTHAR); My question here is, what are the compulsory shlokas we should read out on the Vrat day (other than vrat katha)?

I am doing Sai Vrats and tomorrow is my 5th vrat. I am reading the sai katha from a book given to me by my known. The story in this book is different from that is available in your answers. On sai vrat day, the story of kolika is to be read, but in the book that is with me is the same but with different name. Is that ok? I can continue with the story book that is with me? Please reply as early as possible.

Please "DO NOT" think that Sai Babaji will not accept your vrat and punish you because it is not done as per the method prescribed. Sai Baba is not happy to see us suffering with hunger, but He Himself is hungry for our love, faith and devotion. So please observe this vrat with the above virtues and not necessarily with prescribed method. Follow the link for more details of Sai Vrat -thursdays-sai-baba-vrat-faqs.html

in the given attached link for sai vrat katha it is mentioned that vrat shud b concluded on 10th thursday, though according to your answers to some queries for vrat conclusion, you said that it shud be on 9th thursday itself. kindly clarify.

dear madam,i am a bit confused. in the vrat katha it clearly says vrat can be done by taking food in form of fruits, sweets and drinking tea coffee milk or take food only once. So please tell me does this mean;1. we can only eat fruit milk tea coffee sweets all day2. eat only one meal and nothing in between3. drink tea, coffee, milk, eat fruit, sweet all day and have one veg mealplease tell me if the third option can be followed as well cause from what i understand in the katha it is not an option. Als can the quantities be different and the one meal be different foods or does it have to be the same on every thursday.thank you for your help.

i received sai baba vrat katha book from my friend 6 months before but she didn't intimate me about i will do fast. today i heard abt your story after searching. now i feel that there is problem in my life as (my husband and me living separate froms 2 months)such due to this reason as i didn't do fast. as may i right and please let me know i start my vrat from mid of nov as i m doing fast on monday and i m a CA student so i cannot do 2 vrat in a week. please show me the right path? after reading this i understood that our separation as due to this reason.

As i have always mentioned, there are no hard and fast rules of this vrat. I agree that some rules are prescribed in vrat katha book, but why fear of "Do's And Dont's, When Our Sai Is With Us To Bless". Still i am answering to your questions.

Dear Hetalji,Thank you for all your help and in clearing my doubts. I have two more things to as you.1. the yellow cloth i used on my first 9 vrat fast last thu was not new. Its an old cloth that i use for babajis puja table regularly but washed and cleaned. is that ok?2. i drank milk, lemon honey in water on friday next morning after my thu fast before my bath. i didnt know that we can only eat something on fri only after taking bath.shall i restart my fast and not include last thu as my first fast if any of these things i have done wrong?please tell me so i can concentrate fully on my fast and prayers to babaji

i started my sai baba vrat today and i wanted to know what time should we eat the first meal in the evening. after the pooja in the temple or during certain time in the evening we can eat one meal.Sai Ram

jai sia ram,I am also doing sai vrat from two years and having help from sai but this time ia m not getting help by sai why sai pls help me out babaji if i made something wrong pls forgive me and tell me so that i will not do that mistake again.MEENAKSHI

I am a sincere devotee of Sai baba and i am facing a problem now concerning doing my sai vrat pooja. I need your advise on a particular issue. Could you please give me your email id so that i can mail you in private? the problem is private and im not comfortable with everyone knowing about it.Thank you.

I have started doing the vrath from today. I wanted to ask that is it okay if I go and pray at the temple only? Is it compulsory to keep the yellow cloth and put a garland and sandalwood tikka around Sai Baba? Is it okay if with faith I remember him and not do this part of the ritual and just read the vrath katha?

Om Sai Ram Hetalji,I came across this blog when I first started to read the Satcharitra and started praying to Sai Baba.I wanted to start doing the Nav guruvar vrat after my visit to Shirdi (Which was my first trip and I was blessed!).I downloaded the vrat book in English and Hindi. THe vrat katha is different in both, the english one has the Kokila story, where as the Hindi one has Sai baba's story. Also the Udyapan was not explained in english at all, the method to do the vrat and other details are less in english.So my questions are:1. Can I distribute this english books to others, even if they contain less instructions?2. How do I read the Varat katha now, english or hindi since both are different. please advice me on this.

Also I had few questions about the puja vidhan and fasting, although I read the previous comments, I was still confused, so I hope that the questions I ask are not repetitions and hoping that you would guide me.1. The procedure for puja and udyapan which I understood from the hindi vrat book is as follows:On thursday, do puja for Ganeshji and Sai baba and do udyapan. Then start reading the vrat katha, Sai Ashtotram, Namavali, Chalisa.Am I leaving any stotras?2. What all can I keep for naivedya, has it to be sweet only?3. I plan to have coffee in the morning, some fruits and then break my fast with puja in the evening (light a lamp and agarbathi). Can I take the naivedhya that I keep in the morning as my one time meal and break the fast?4. Can the naivedhya be kichidi, upma, sewiya upma, poha etc?5. Can you please give me a list of all items that can be eaten while fasting and what foods can be used for naivedhya and breaking fast.


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