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Aveva Flexman Configuration Tool: What It Is and How to Use It

>>avevaflexmanconfigurationtool Downloading latest version of AvaJE from Configuring AvaJE Using AvaJE's built-in support for LibJPEG/LibPNG (no compiling from source is needed) .. Installing LibJPEG/LibPNG (and all flexman dependencies) into "lib" . Installing flexman.jar into "lib" . Installing flexman-animation. Installing flexman-effects. Installing flexman-font. Installing flexman-graphics. Installing flexman-painter. Installing flexman-tools.jar into "lib" Installing flexman. Installing flexman-viewer. cd: lib> >> The avevaflexmanconfigurationtool command is actually a "script" that displays progress messages and then downloads the latest version of AvaJE if it is currently not installed. It will also configure the AvaJE framework and install it and its dependencies into a system-specific location (the lib directory) on your system.


>>>avevaflexmanconfigurationtool --help Usage: avevaflexmanconfigurationtool [--config-dir=D] [--no-cache] [--progress] [--progress-file=f] [--progress-increment=I] [--verbose] For detailed information on options, please see the script help output > When invoked without arguments, the avevaflexmanconfigurationtool command prints a summary of its actions.

Avevaflexmanconfigurationtool is a plugin which provides the ability to configure Cisco Routers using the FlexMan Tool. Installing this plugin is simple - you just need a license key. Please see the README file for further information.

avevaflexmanconfigtool.exe -host "localhost" -port 5050 -username "admin" -password "mypassword" -configfile "c:\dokumenti\flexmanconfigtooloutput.cfg" avevaflexmanconfigurationtooloptions avevaflexmanconfigurationtooloptions - avevaflexmanconfigurationtooloptions - (c) copyright 2004-2012 avevaflexmanconfigurationtool - project home


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