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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

U-he More Feedback Machine V2.0 VST.ASSiGN (diMi) Download [WORK]

JIDE Data Grids is a new product built on top of the JIDE Grids to bridge the gap between the Database and the JTable. The goals of this product are to leverage the Database and Hibernate's filtering and sorting feature to JIDE Grids so that the client doesn't need to download all the records, and to bring the seamless paging support to table models and list models. Without getting into too much details, please continue to the product page to see features and screenshots. You can run web start demo to see several demos for JIDE Data Grids. Even though we release it as beta to in order to collect more feedbacks, the qualify and the APIs of the existing classes are stable enough to be used in the production code.

U-he More Feedback Machine v2.0 VST.ASSiGN (diMi) download

After several months of preparation, JIDE Software announced the release of her fifth product. It's a new product called JIDE Action Framework. As each of our products has its own focus, this product is all about menu bar and toolbars. It provides powerful dockable toolbar and menu bar (a.k.a. command bar) functionality. Along with existing products such as JIDE Docking Framework, JIDE Components, JIDE Grids and JIDE Dialogs, JIDE Action Framework will give you a whole new experience of creating an advanced rich client user interface using pure Java/Swing. At the same time, we revamped the look and feel of all our products by introducing new Office2003 user interface style. Not only JIDE Action Framework provides full support of the new Office2003 style but also existing products such as JIDE Docking Framework supports this new style too. Please see some screenshots of this new product and the new Office2003 style at here. Along with the new product, JIDE Software also announces upgrade to all four existing products. They are v1.6.0 of JIDE Docking Framework, v1.4.0 of JIDE Components and JIDE Grids, and v1.1.1 of JIDE Dialogs. Existing active customers can proceed to the password-protected download page to download the upgrade. The new product is immediately available for purchase, either as standalone product or with other products as product bundle. For more purchase information, please visit the purchase page. July 22, 2004 JIDE announces JIDE Docking Framework 1.5.1 and JIDE Grids 1.3.2 release JIDE Software announces v1.3.2 release of JIDE Grids which includes a new component called HierarchicalTable. HierarchicalTable is a special JTable which can show any components inside the table in a hierarchical way. Please see here for one of the many possible ways of using this new component. We also updated the evaluation package to include this new component. This component is still in beta, so please feel free to try it and give us suggestions and feedbacks. At the same time, we also announce v1.5.1 release of JIDE Docking Framework. A nice feature we added is to change cursor during dockable frame drag and drop to indicate where the frame will be dropped. June 20, 2004 JIDE announces JIDE Docking Framework 1.5.0 release JIDE Software releases JIDE Docking Framework 1.5.0. The main features we introduced in 1.5 release are


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