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Engineering Physics Dattu Joshi.pdf

Engineering Physics by Dattu R. Joshi: A Review

Engineering Physics is a subject that covers the fundamental principles of physics and their applications to engineering problems. It is a common course for all engineering branches in many universities and colleges. Engineering Physics by Dattu R. Joshi is a book that aims to provide a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of this subject for the students of Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and other universities following a similar syllabus.

Engineering Physics Dattu Joshi.pdf

The book is divided into 14 chapters, covering topics such as units and dimensions, vectors, kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, rotational motion, gravitation, elasticity, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, oscillations and waves, electrostatics, and magnetism. Each chapter starts with a puzzle to arouse the interest of the reader and ends with a summary of key points and a set of exercises. The book also includes solved examples, multiple choice questions, numerical problems, and conceptual questions to test the understanding of the concepts.

One of the distinctive features of the book is its emphasis on the engineering applications of physics. The book provides numerous examples and case studies that illustrate how physics can be used to solve real-world problems in various fields of engineering. For instance, the book explains how the concept of center of mass can be applied to design a stable satellite, how the principle of conservation of energy can be used to analyze the performance of a heat engine, how the Bernoulli's equation can be used to calculate the pressure drop in a pipe flow, and how the Faraday's law can be used to design an electric generator.

Another notable feature of the book is its coverage of some advanced topics that are relevant for modern engineering. The book introduces topics such as nanotechnology, electron optics, solar cell, superconductivity, and lasers in a simple and accessible manner. The book also provides an overview of some emerging areas of research such as quantum computing, nanomaterials, biophysics, and nanomedicine.

In conclusion, Engineering Physics by Dattu R. Joshi is a well-written and comprehensive book that covers the essential topics of physics for engineering students. The book is suitable for both self-study and classroom teaching. The book is available in both print and digital formats. The digital format can be accessed online or downloaded as a PDF file from [this link].


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