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The people around you don’t feel the same

They don’t have the same


You are sitting next to someone sad while the one in front of you is happy

The one beside the happy one is scared

All of these separate


These people laughing while others cry

This makes me mad

The emotions changing from one to another

Angry that this has to happen

Someone dies and causes people to cry while others don’t care

Some laugh because they don’t know

Some laugh because they do know

Some laugh because they don’t know how to respond

Some get mad at god

Some get mad at the one who died

Some just get mad and don’t know why

Some find themselves scared

Scared of death

Scared that it could have happened to them

Some even find themselves feeling all of them


They are confusing

When someone dies that you don’t know

You should not pretend that he or she was your best friend

You should help those who did know him or her

Pat there back

Give them a hug

Let them cry on your shoulder

Give them a tissue

Pretend you never saw them cry if that's what they want

Even leave them alone if that's what you need to do

Just help them feel better


They confuse you

Emotions scare you

They make you feel differently

Death causes different emotions

Emotions that even you don’t understand


Everyone has different ones


They control you

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