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The Wait

Timely access to mental health services is critical to successful treatment of adults with severe and persistent mental illness, and timeliness is a key quality indicator in calls for improvement to the health care system. Waiting weeks for a psychiatric appointment results in increased psychiatric hospitalizations, decompensation, and risk for suicide. However, many community mental health administrators assume that waiting lists for services are inevitable given the high demand for services. The present study evaluates the successful efforts of a large urban community mental health center to eliminate the wait for psychiatric services in an adult outpatient setting. Through systematic changes in the service delivery system, the wait time for a psychiatric appointment was reduced from 13 days to 0 days, and the no-show rate dropped from 52 to 18%. Furthermore, these changes were associated with reduced psychiatric hospitalizations and improved staff morale and teamwork. The change processes implemented can be successfully applied to other systems problems confronting mental health agencies.

The Wait

The process does not currently operate at maximum efficiency. It can take months to over a year from the time incompetency is raised to the final disposition of the criminal case. This is, in part, due to inefficiencies in managing case flow, communicating between parties and scheduling. Sometimes a person who has been restored at a state hospital and returned to jail experiences deterioration of their mental health while waiting for their competency hearing.

Build a state roadmap for eliminating the wait. JCMH and HHSC are launching the Eliminate the Wait initiative to provide an actionable roadmap for reducing and eliminating the waitlist for inpatient competency restoration services.

When seats become available in a closed class section, the class remains closed until a process runs that automatically enrolls students from the wait list. The class remains closed until the wait list empties or the enrollment capacity has been met, whichever comes first.

Students that were on the wait list and were not enrolled will maintain their position number. Students will have an opportunity to be auto-enrolled the next time a seat is made available, if they resolve the issue that prevented them from being auto-enrolled previously.

If the wait list process runs and no students are enrolled, then the class will open and other students will be given the opportunity to enroll (even if there are still students on the wait list that did not meet the criteria to be auto-enrolled).

Most classes have a wait list with the exception of lectures with zero unit embedded labs (classes where the students received one grade for both the lecture and lab components), co-requisite classes taken in the same term, dynamically dated classes, and most co-convened, cross-listed, or otherwise combined sections.

The wait list option is only available once all seats in a class have been filled and the section closes. When a Class Search is performed to include these closed classes, users will notice a yellow triangle next to classes that have available wait list seats.

Students can wait list for up to 9 units at a time within a term. This means that students can be on a wait list for multiple classes, so the total number of units for these classes does not exceed 9. This limit cannot be overridden with any enrollment override or permission number.

Students can wait list more than one section of the same class; however, a preference cannot be chosen, and the student would be enrolled in the section with the first available seat. Once enrolled in one of the sections, the student will be dropped from all other wait lists for that course.

Students can use the wait list function if a time conflict exists, but they should use the swap option. The swap will enroll the student into the wait listed class if a seat opens, and drop the student from the other class. If the swap option is not used, the student will never be enrolled into the wait listed class due to the time conflict.

The last day to get on a wait list for a class will be 11:59 p.m., one day before the deadline to add or drop classes. Classes will no longer show the Wait List icon if the deadline to Wait List has passed.

The wait list process runs until the last day to add or drop. If you are on a wait list and not enrolled from the wait list on the last day to add/drop; you can no longer be enrolled from the wait list.

If classes have a reserve capacity, and the only open seats are restricted, students who do not meet the reserve capacity can get on a wait list for the class. Students will be auto-enrolled into the class if an un-restricted seat becomes available.

In Class Search, the Show Open Classes Only checkbox must be UNCHECKED in order to see full classes that have wait lists available. Once in the Class Search Results page, classes that are full but have a Wait List available are shown with the yellow triangle icon.

Yes. However, if you do get enrolled off of the wait list, be sure to drop the future term class. If you pass the class in the current term and do not drop the future enrollment, you will not be able to receive credit for the future term class.

Feelings triggered by the wait such as contemplation, passivity, and distortion of time and, are translated into three pieces of furniture: the room divider, the waiting sofa, and the wall lamp and its infinite reflexion of light.

Looking through the work of Edward Hopper, Jim Jarmush, Wim Wenders or even John Register, an immersive conceptual and visual study has led Morgane Roux from Atelier Aveus to design a collection of furniture based on the wait. This collection focuses on the theme of the wait as an introspective condition that has its own aesthetic and visual codes.

These highly narrative imagery have been made by Six N. Five in order to present each piece of the collection, into poetic scenarios. Mixing strange architectural configurations, soft colors and symbolic objects, these visuals represent emotional sanctuaries for those who have, failed to find their home in the ordinary world, waiting for something to happen.

There are an estimated 4,500 Kansans with I/DD waiting for life sustaining I/DD Waiver services. Currently, the waitlist to access these services is about nine years. Most getting services do so because of a crisis rather than because their spot on the list finally coming up.

Thank you for your continued interest in attending the University of Virginia. Please remember that to be considered for admission from the waiting list you must accept a position on the waiting list in your portal by April 15th. Feel free to contact our office directly should you have additional questions. Best wishes as you finalize your college search.

The Committee on Admission wait-lists students who are extremely competitive and to whom we would like to offer admission should spaces become available in the entering class. This year the University received over 56,000 completed applications and offered admission to approximately 9,150 applicants; we expect about 3,800 to accept our offer and enroll. If fewer than 3,800 students accept our offer, we will offer admission to some of the students who have gone to their MyUVA Application Portal and indicated that they wish to remain on the waiting list by April 15th.

The Committee on Admission carefully evaluated applications on the basis of academic program, grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, recommendations, essays, and special talents and backgrounds. We offered admission to those applicants whom we thought would contribute most to the talent and balance of the entering class. Because our applicant pool is extremely competitive and we are able to offer admission only to a small fraction of talented applicants, we wait-list strong, interesting students to whom we would like to offer admission if space is available.

The Committee on Admission will wait until after May 1, the deposit deadline for students to whom we have offered admission, to determine how many spaces in the class are available. If all spaces in the class are filled, we will not be able to offer admission to anyone on the waiting list. If spaces do become available, we will spend approximately two weeks determining how many additional offers of admission we can make. It is critical that you opt-into the waitlist list via your portal if you would like to be considered. Because most colleges require a deposit by May 1, we strongly encourage you to pay a deposit at another school, even if UVA is your first choice. You must complete the waiting list reply form by April 15th.

A visit will not affect our decision. If you are still on the waiting list at the end of this semester, please ask your counselor to send us a final transcript; if you receive any honors or awards, feel free to notify us by uploading a note in your portal. Please do not send your update to one (or several) admission officers.

Because the waiting list is unpredictable, we strongly encourage you to commit to another university and follow the instructions on becoming a part of that student body. Rest assured, we will give your application every consideration.

We are offering Virginians who were placed on the wait list for the College of Arts and Sciences the opportunity to enroll at the UVA College at Wise located in Southwest Virginia for one year before automatically enrolling at UVA in Charlottesville. Students in this program must complete 30 hours of transferrable credit post high school graduation at UVA-Wise with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better to transfer into the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA. You may accept this option and continue to remain on the wait list for first year admission to UVA. Read more about this option on the UVA College at Wise website. 041b061a72


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