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In the night I flee

I remain in my bed in a darkened room

I remain with my eyes closed

I remain with my body horizontal

and yet I flee

If you saw me at night in my bed

you may say I am still here

You may want to tell me I am wrong

You want to say that I am still here

Yet I flee

I don't mean I am running

I don't mean I am scared

I don't think I am scared

Yet I flee

I flee to my dreams

I flee to a place no one else can see

I flee to the land of memory

I am still in bed

The morning I still dread

yet I flee

It isn't that I am not free

If there was a lock I would hold the key

Yet I flee

I hope now you see

I hold the key

I am free

leaving bed is what I dread

you hopefully understood when I said

I am free

Yet I flee

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