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Truth Rests In Lies

Truth is hard to find sometimes

Truth knows where to hide from you

Truth ducks behind rocks and trees so that you only catch glimpses

He jumps up behind you and scares you sometimes

Sometimes it feels like he died

And sometimes he is just there as you sit with your normal friends

Sometimes he is there when you sit and talk to your siblings

He is there when your sister pulls you aside and asks what happened

He is there when family died

He is there when family is born

He is there when you need him

And sometimes when you don’t

He can be sad

He can be happy

He can be mad

Honestly truth is just like family

You love him, you hate him, and sometimes you wish he didn’t exist

But no matter what you think you wish

You know that life wouldn’t be the same without him

Sometimes he pushes your buttons

You play hide-and-seek with him

He is a good hider

He is also is a good seeker

He is the absolute best hide-and-seek player

He usually hides in his room that he named

He named it lies

You don’t like his room named lies

Lies is a bad place

Sometimes you wonder

Why truth rests in lies

You realized recently that truth has been resting a lot

Just about always

Truth rests in lies

You have been trying to get him to stop

It hurts sometimes

Sometimes he hits me when I try

It hurts when he hits me

You realize he wasn’t going to stop resting today

You guess you will try again tomorrow

Maybe he will stop resting


So you will have to allow him to continue

Continue to rest in lies

On top of the bed that grows which he names secrets

He rests in lies on top of his ever growing bed of secrets

Pretty soon you don't know him anymore

Truth might as well be your other brother false

False, truth’s identical twin

False, you always think that truth is false and false is truth

It is hard to tell the difference sometimes

Usually you can’t tell the difference until you already mixed it up a hundred times

Looking at them next to each other messes with your head

Don’t worry everyone gets it wrong

They will never get it right on the first guess

They sound alike look alike and usually say the same things

False and truth are quite close

They always are together

They play pranks and pretend they are each other just for laughs

It annoys you

Sometimes it even makes you sad

It makes you sad that they tricked you

It makes you sad that it crossed their mind to trick you

It makes you mad that they tricked you

It makes you mad that they can

You don’t try but sometimes you are tired

Or sometimes you want false to be truth

Because you like truth better

Sometimes you wish that false would rest in lies on the evergrowing bed of lies

That seems to be the way it is

You think that truth would sleep in false’s room

Which he named after his brother

Truth should rest in truth while false should rest in lies

That isn’t how it works though

They don’t rest in the rooms they should rest

They are rebels

They don’t want to do what they should do

So they don’t

Instead truth rests in false’s room

Truth rests in lies.

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